Banpu Japan K.K.
A subsidiary of Banpu


For a sustainable society, Banpu Japan is committed to the promotion of renewable energy.

For the sustainable world

We provide renewable energy technologies that can be used over the medium to long term and support the transition to carbon neutrality for the next generation based on our many performances and know-how in domestic and overseas markets.

Efforts by Banpu Japan for a Sustainable Future

Mega Solar

Numerous achievements and know-how
in the mega-solar business

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Energy Solutions

Protect the region and lead to development
through Solutions Business Technology

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Energy Trading

Trading utilizing international
knowledge of the trading business

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About Banpu Japan

Banpu Japan K.K. (BJP) is a subsidiary of Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a leading smart, clean energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific.
We were one of the first companies in Japan to follow the global trend toward carbon neutrality, and we are developing and operating large-scale solar power generation projects throughout the country.
We are also using our energy solution technology to install photovoltaic panels on rooftops and parking lots throughout Japan.
We are a company that offers proposals tailored to the needs of our customers, such as electricity transactions, business development of renewable energy, and the long-term securing of stable power sources using large batteries. BJP has committed to operating an environmentally friendly business, increasing efficiency through clean energy technology through Banpu group strategy “Greener & Smarter.”

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For energy future in Japan
We have a clear mission to promote renewable energy in Japan as much as possible and to replace Japan's precious energy resources with them such as solar and wind power, to establish a sustainable society for our descendants.
Considering the global warming caused by emissions that are today being discussed in society, we began developing renewable energy projects in Japan around 10 years ago.
We have developed and operated renewable energy projects in a wide range of regions across the country, from Hokkaido to Kyushu so far.
As a member of the Banpu group, which develops and operates renewable energy projects in many countries around the world, we also want to offer renewable energy opportunities to the local community as well as the private sector. We are confident that we can contribute greatly to your expectations as a global energy solutions provider, which is our company's vision.
In addition to the renewable energy business, we have also started an electricity retail business in anticipation of a future situation where the electricity in Japan will be fully liberalized and traded through the electricity market, we hope to contribute to local communities through the supply of stable and reasonable price of electricity with contains satisfaction.
Should you have any queries or requests regarding renewable energy, please do not hesitate to contact Banpu Japan. We are always with you.

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