Banpu Japan K.K.
A subsidiary of Banpu


Company Profile

As a member of Japan's society, Banpu Japan aims to provide a sustainable
and stable supply of energy while considering the environment and society.

Leveraging the know-how and networks we have cultivated in the energy business in the Asia-Pacific region, we will conduct business operations together with local communities from a long-term perspective.

A Leading International Versatile Energy Provider

Since its establishment in 1983, Banpu is now a leading international versatile
energy provider with operations in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia,
Laos, Mongolia, the United States of America, Vietnam, and Japan.
Through its three core groups of businesses of Energy Resources, Energy Generation, and Energy Technology,
Banpu will contribute to the realization of a society that is oriented toward
sustainable energy use under its Greener & Smarter Strategy.
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“Banpu Heart: Passionate | Innovative | Committed”
The Company has sought to identify core values and key behaviors
that characterize Banpu and its subsidiaries’ corporate culture.
These are summarized into the corporate culture known as ‘Banpu Heart”.

Pursue for success: Banpu people leverage full potential and professionalism for continuous growth and success Can do more: Banpu people value different ideas and support each other to make things beyond expectation without hesitation Be agile and change: Banpu people collaborate to strengthen teamwork that enhances positive change in responsive and effective ways Express care and share: Banpu people embrace differences and sincerely value one another

Transcend the trend: Banpu people maximize results by thinking ahead of the game and working smarter Ideate and get real: Banpu people make a difference, experiment prototypes, and make it happen for continuous improvement of processes, products, and services Learn fast, do first: Banpu people are empowered to take risks, do, learn, and grow

Adhere to Integrity and Ethics: Banpu people do the right things always Synergize and network: Banpu people build a strong connection with all stakeholders for win-win outcomes Engage in sustainability development: Banpu people are responsible for the well-being of social and environmental sustainability

Company Information

Company Banpu Japan K.K.
Representative Director Mitsuo Ido
Business Development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects
Promotion and proposal of energy solution business and smart city toward carbon zero, and electricity trading business
Location P.O. Box 116, Kasumigaseki Building, 33rd floor, 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital Stock 100 million JPY
Phone 03-6205-4665
Group Company Banpu Public Company Limited
Banpu Power Public Company Limited
Banpu NEXT Co.,Ltd